Bridging today's traffic signals to tomorrow's automated future

The connected and autonomous intersection of tomorrow. Fully multimodal, fully cooperative

We are developing the traffic signal network of tomorrow. By integrating cutting-edge algorithm research with innovative sensing and learning capabilities, xtelligent is enabling the cooperative, multimodal, and automated transportation future—today. 


Preparing intersections for the V2I/X2I future

Today’s transportation management technology is outdated. 1970s era technology regulates 99% of signalized intersections in the U.S. despite tremendous advances in technology. It is inefficient and overlooks the multimodal, automated, and safety-focused transportation future envisioned by our cities. The social, economic, environmental, and energy costs are huge: estimated to reach $2.8 trillion in the U.S. from 2013 to 2030. This does not include the value of countless human lives lost. 

But the past does not have to be our future. These archaic systems can be replaced with cutting-edge, intelligent mobility control, priority, and preemption systems leveraging the latest research in network control and artificial intelligence. They can be enhanced with new sensor technologies that are becoming increasingly granular and ubiquitous. Xtelligent is at the core of this system, developing the intelligence and neural network required to drive the step-change in signalized intersection management technology for a better future.



Xtelligent is an algorithm and artificial intelligence company that brings the latest innovations to road networks. By connecting signalized intersections to the latest sensor technology and enabling rapid edge-computing capabilities, Xtelligent is driving the step-change in signalized intersection management technology and laying the ground logic required for the multimodal, safety-focused, and automated vehicle future. 


Experience & Recognition

We bring decades of experience in intelligent transportation system research and development. The team consists of top researchers, planners, engineers, and designers affiliated with MIT, UC Berkeley, Penn, Harvard, and USC research and planning labs, along with the U.S. national laboratories. Our core research and development has been funded by the U.S. government's National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, California Department of Transportation, and Department of Energy.

The automatic control research driving our technology was recognized by the American Automatic Control Council through the prestigious Donald P. Eckman Award in 2017, and the World Economic Forum has recognized the project as one of the next generation of fast-growing enterprises shaping the future of business and society.


HBS New venture competition
2017 regional Winner

Donald P. Eckman Award
2017 winneR

department of energy ARPA-E
2018 finalist

Department of Energy SBIR I/II
2018, 2019 Awardee

Transport systems catapult UK
2019 selected venture

World economic forum
2018, 2019 high impact venture


By directly integrating traffic signal timing with vehicle movement, including those of public transit buses and city service fleets, Xtelligent... can transform the flow of vehicles in LA and significantly alter the energy efficiency profile of the City of Los Angeles.

/  nancy h. sutley, Chief sustainability officer, Los angeles department of water and power  /