The traffic management system today is heavily outdated. 1970s era technology regulates 99% of roadway intersections in the U.S. despite tremendous advances in technology. Not only is this system inefficient from traffic flow perspective, it also overlooks the multi-modal, shared, connected, and safety-focused future envisioned by many of our cities. This existing paradigm unfortunately points to significant energy, environmental, social, and economic costs, estimated to approach $2.8 trillion in the U.S. from 2013 to 2030, as well as countless human lives lost that cannot be priced.

But this does not have to be our future. These archaic systems can be replaced with cutting-edge, adaptive traffic signal control and preemption systems leveraging the latest dynamic network theory, Internet of Things approach, and artificial intelligence technology. They can be further enhanced with new sensor technologies that are becoming increasingly granular and ubiquitous. Xtelligent is at the core of this system, developing the intelligence and neural network required to drive the step-change in traffic intersection technology for a better future.

Bringing intelligence to the V2X future: Xtelligent