Preemption Management Unit, PMU-100AI

Xtelligent Preemption Management Unit, PMU-100AI, leverages the latest vehicle location sensing technologies to provide a secure Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) solution for cities. The system offers unmatched precision and superior management capabilities that will allow your city to respond quickly and safely to emergency situations. The system works especially well with Xtelligent Traffic Management Unit, TMU-100AI, by providing a complete traffic management solution that ensures effective coordination of both everyday driving and emergency vehicle preemption activities across city networks. 

With the federal push for connected vehicle technology, Xtelligent Preemption Management Unit also provides an ideal module for securing these funds to help cities prepare for the connected future.


Product Description

Xtelligent Preemption Management Unit, PMU-100AI, is an innovative emergency vehicle preemption solution for signalized networks. The solution is designed to improve the safety and speed of emergency responses.

The Unit can receive data from a variety of sources available, including GPS and central emergency vehicle dispatch platforms. Acquired data is then utilized to provide greens for approaching emergency vehicle, and the system is designed to work on a network level.

Compatible with Model 170, 2070, and other advanced controllers, Xtelligent Preemption Management Unit, PMU-100AI, requires minimal intervention.



  • Reduce crash rates for emergency vehicles
  • Improve emergency response time
  • Achieve interoperability with existing traffic signal controllers
  • Activate signal preemption based on estimated time of arrival or distance
  • Improve safety and reliability at intersections

System specifications


  • Multiple communication channels
  • Model 170, 2070, and other advanced controllers

System Requirements: 

  • Compatible with multiple central software types 
  • Model 170, 2070, and other advanced controllers
  • Emergency communication system